Accounting Classes and Restraining Orders

Ha! Just kidding. It hasn’t gotten that bad… yet…. but I can clearly see myself needing R to play bodyguard for me at some point.

I aced my accounting midterm. Highest grade in the class…. a 95…. and most people didn’t pass, so she’s giving us until Monday to correct our mistakes for half credit. I’m taking a poll- should I sit on the 95 or go for a 97?

My laptop for work finally arrived. It looks like Christmas in my office! I have boxes stacked, waiting for my boss to return from a two week absence to help me install Office and Dynamics and set up a VPN so that I can work remotely when I have a Wi-Fi connection available. I’ve been scoping out a coffeehouse with WiFi near the house, so that maybe on a Saturday, instead of working from home on dial up or coming into the office, I can go get some coffee and a treat and work on a high speed connection. I’m super excited, except that…..

My personal laptop has become something of a shared item, and I am NOT happy about it. I don’t share well. It’s an oldest child thing. I like for my things to be MINE, and I bought the laptop so that it would be MINE, and WH could use the desktop. Well, he can take the laptop to work, but not the desktop, and he’s defiled my laptop and now I have two, and he’s going to get it all boy-dirty and it won’t be worth using and why can’t he understand that it’s MINE. MINE. I see a partitioned hard drive in my future. I’m psychic.

Don’t even ask me about livin’ clean. I’m off the wagon again. There’ s always next week.

Wish me luck that my stalker doesn’t ambush me today.


4 Responses

  1. Good lord, keep the 95!

  2. “I like my things to be MINE.” Oh, yeah. I’m a fellow oldest child and I’m totally feeling you on that.

    I’d probably go for the 97–you never know when the extra points might come in handy…

  3. Go for the 97! Do it! Overachieve!!!

  4. I would so keep the 95 – an A is an A and you’re not likely to need those 2 points later on! 😉


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