All I Did Was Send One Drunken Text Message

and now I have a stalker of the worst kind. Is there a way to disable text after reaching a certain blood alcohol, or, admittedly, a certain blood desperation level?

6 Responses

  1. LOL – oh my – who did you text? TEX?

  2. Oh, VBC. hahaha, have someone take away your phone!

  3. Oh, I have SO been there.

  4. Tricia- I can email you about it, but I *sure as hell* am not posting the details here. It’s that bad.

    Jamie- R & B have discussed this option. So far I’ve only had to endure a forced contact cleaning.

    Maxie- Glad to know I’m not alone.

  5. Eek! The dangers of alcohol! I’ve done similar things, but it never won me my very own stalker. Hopefully yours doesn’t turn out to be too scary!

  6. wow that good! LOL please do email me – let me live vicariously through you. I only text with 2 girlfriends and hubby, it’s never exciting. LOL

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