Operation Extraction, Part Two

TEX and Baby Sis started talking marriage. TEX had lost his mother the year before, suddenly, during cancer treatments. He had been given her wedding rings. His father got all squirrelly after losing his wife, and TEX was about the only person in his family that was speaking to him. My father got all squirrelly and took my sister to have the wedding rings plated; something that TEX had on the to-do before proposing list.

Yes, internet, you read that right- my father took my sister to have her boyfriend’s mother’s wedding rings plated. Without talking to him. Without talking to anyone with a lick of sense, apparently, who would have said “DON’T YOU THINK YOU SHOULD CHECK WITH HIM BEFORE YOU PLATE HIS POOR MOTHER’S RINGS?!?@?@??”.

So, the rings came back from the jeweler, and TEX put them away, and he called me. We talked about it. I told him that he needed to talk to Baby Sis about it, that she shouldn’t have let Daddy plate the rings, and hey, have you heard about the crazy? I talked to Baby Sis and she said “Something’s wrong with TEX, he’s really crabby with me lately.” And, being the loving but detached older sister said “Well, what’s going on with him? Could it be anything you’ve done? Is it the rings?” “Oh, no, it couldn’t be that, we already talked about that…”

It was here that TEX could have raised the white flag, said he wanted out, and departed with grace, dignity, and parting gifts.

Instead, he started being verbally abusive with my sister, not pulling his fair share of housework or dog care, spending too much money, and just being a general dickhead. My sister, being the stubborn girl she is, dug her heels in and hung on. Then TEX started not being where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be there. She tried to ask him what was going on, what his problem was, but he blew her off and wouldn’t discuss anything.

At this point, I have to ask you, internet- do I seem like the type of girl that lets someone avoid her on a important issue for very long? Do I seem like the type of girl that waits patiently for someone to figure things out and clue me in? Or do I seem like the type of girl that tracks your ass down and fuckin’ nails you to the wall? Yeah. Well, it is the way of my people.

Big Sis met TEX in the parking lot where he worked and cornered him. He started screaming at her, and she made a comment, in an indoor voice, about him sleeping with a member of his staff. He screamed at her that he wasn’t fucking an employee. They broke up. TEX moved out.

Someone else reported to management that TEX was out in public with a member of his staff. Rumors abound, particularly on top of his breakup with Baby Sis and the scene from the parking lot. TEX got told that he could resign or wait for HR to complete an investigation. TEX resigned, and moved back in.

He treated her like shit. He quit making the payments on the car that my Dad cosigned on. Dad took it back and gave it to my sister to drive. She hated him, she loved him, she hated him, she loved him, she hated him. He got a job. She loved him. He stayed out all hours. Lost his temper. Said he was going to start dating. Yelled at her and called her names.

We looked on, horrified. We threatened getting involved. She didn’t want it. We acquiesced. Then she told me about the night that he was leaving again, late at night, to get trashed with his friends. She told him that she loved him. She told him that he left her. He told her that he had come back. She told him that he came back because he loved her. He said all things in time. That he would be home the next day. That he needed clean work shirts. That he wasn’t ready to get back together with her now, but that he was getting closer everyday, and please don’t forget to take the trash out.

When I could see again, you know, from the blinding rage, a week or two later, my Mom and Dad called. They asked me what I thought about getting rid of TEX. I told them the story. We set a date. I tried to call my sister several times over the next few weeks, to steer her in the right direction, but she’s incredibly busy with her job- working twelve hours days six days a week. I never did chat with her after Daddy and I set the date.

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