E is for Excellence

Jen, over at Redneck Romance Writer thinks I’m Excellent. She’s given me my first ever blog award ever, and I’m just tickled pink!

I would like to thank all of my freaders, without whom this blog would just be an online version of the diary I kept in third grade- full of nonsense and known to none. I would also like to thank my family, friends, and coworkers, without whom I might have nothing to write about. Last, but not least, I would like to thank the IT guy at my office, who is too dumb to figure out how often I blog from the office. Thanks everyone!

The rules here are that I must pass my bloglicious award to ten other Excellent blogs, and so…..

1. Nikki- from A Thin and Shallow Light

2. Nicopolitan

3. Jamie from Oh! How Lovely

4. Jenn at You Are Flawed if You Are Not Free

5. Kate from Walking Kateastrophe

6. Izzy from IzzyMom (total blog crush, btw)

7. Mandy from A Thousand Words (bring her out of hiding, maybe?)

8. Jen at Semi-Charmed Wife

9. Chasing Paradise

10. Total Stab in the Dark at my Secretest Loviest blog crush ever: amalah! (Can you hear the internet laughing at me?)

I only left my blog bff, Tricia, off the list because she was awarded with me.


7 Responses

  1. Aw! This is my very first blog award ever! Ever! Thanks muchly and congrats to you for winning it!

  2. THANK YOU!! This is also my first blog award! I’d like to thank God, and my husband, and my cats, and my great readers, and…

  3. Aww blog bff? Really? 🙂 Thanks you are super cool!

    And totally cracking up at the IT guy who is too dumb to know. I hope that is the case with our IT guy – too dumb or just too busy on real work to check? Fingers crossed!

    Good look ousting TEX – not really the same but when I broke it off with my first bf and asked him to move out I told him to take his time. My dad said that he had to leave immediately (I was 24) and came and stood in the driveway with a shotgun until Randy packed all of his things, and turned over his key. Gotta love redneck daddies! 🙂

  4. Aww!! Thank you!

    I’d like to thank Edie for giving me excellent blog inspiration! hahah 🙂

  5. woah! i’m totally flattered! i mean, you at least deserve the award.

  6. Just got back from Fulton and checked your blog. THANKS for the award Cat! You rock!

  7. Awww you are so so sweet! Thank you!!! This is my first award on my new site AND the first one in a very long time overall!!

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