Fair Trade

I’m not talkin’ about coffee beans and such, internet.

A combination of circumstances presented me with an incredible opportunity yesterday, and I snatched it up. B was going to babysit for R’s sister, A, but she had to welch. (She’s something of a welcher, unintentionally.) A has a pair of jeans that I covet. COVET. They’re GAP jeans, long and lean, and I borrowed them once, and it was the second best day of my life, just after getting married. R tried to help a girl out, and tried to convince A that the jeans made her ass look huge, and that she should just give them to me, but I guess A is a little smarter than anyone thought.

Anyway, I told B when she called A to break the news, that I would babysit tonight in exchange for the jeans. My only rule was payment up front, in time for Casual Friday. Arrangements were made, and I stopped at R’s house this morning to collect my fee.

That’s what I call Fair Trade, internet. Let’s alphabet this:

A. gets to go out on the town like she’s planned and looked forward to all week.

B. gets to honor her family commitment (which is why she had to welch).

C. gets a pair of jeans that apparently do incredible things to her figure.

D. gets to see C. in jeans that do incredible things to her figure, and will have to strengthen his Baby Tolerance, which in turn is good for C.

Happy Friday!


2 Responses

  1. Happy Friday!! We deserve an awesome weekend!

  2. So how did it go? 🙂 The babysitting! LOL Babysitting my nephews only strengthens my hubby’s resolve to not have one of his own! Hope it worked better for you!

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