Friday Afternoons

Why does it seem like Friday afternoon lasts longer than the entire rest of the work week combined? Why can’t I ever force myself to be productive on a Friday afternoon without a looming deadline? Why am I so eager to get out of the office when my Friday night plans are: grocery shopping, shopping for spring cleaning, and catching up on my DVR goodies? Oh, right, because I. cannot. handle. being. here. another. minute.

Lucky for me, I only have 45 minutes left, and that’s just long enough to get another cup of tea and make lists of stuff I need to do next week, that I should have been working on all afternoon, that I may or may not start on this weekend.

Also, I am debating- do I take the office plants home to repot? What are your thoughts, internet?

Taking office plants home to repot:

-WH wants to keep the best ones at the house, and offers rattier plants to take back in to replace them.
– I have a little sports car and I would have to shove at least 4 empty paper boxes in my backseat to transport all the plants.
– No audience to repot at home, and I am set up for taking cuttings and splitting plants.
– Repotting houseplants at the end of winter is like smoking crack- you get started and don’t want to stop, so office plants will feed my fix when I’m done with houseplants.

Repotting in the office:

– Must either sacrifice BFF lunch for time to repot, or wait until bosses leave and open self up to criticism from staff and coworkers.

– Can’t just vacuum up my own mess.

– Must verify pot have/need list and transport 42,000 pots from home to work.

So, internet, what should I do?

2 Responses

  1. Plants need to be repotted? Hmmm mine have been in the same pots since I got them. I love, love, love planting things in the ground. I despise repotting plants – I have no houseplants anyway cause felix the destroyer will not let them live.

    I’d do them in the parking lot at lunch on a nice day (no worries about cleaning up, a good reason to spend outside in the sun, do you have picnic tables? that would be ideal!)

    I know what you mean about Friday afternoon. I had to force myself to do anything after lunch. Leaving in 10ish minutes to go get fabulous new do! đŸ™‚

  2. You’re asking the wrong woman.
    I say let it die a natural death.

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