The Morning After

Oh, internet. I had a great time last night at the 311 concert in Paradise. So good a time, in fact, that I forgot that I am 28 and not 18. I consumed a little too much vodka and orange juice, did a little too much dancing, and not nearly enough sleeping. Today I feel 58. But internet, it was so totally worth it. That concert was incredible. Incredible.

The venue was tiny- it has a fire capacity of approximately 900 people. There were no chairs, not that you need a chair at a 311 concert. We worked our way to front and center- there were only maybe twenty people between us and the stage. I could see the droplets of sweat beading on Nick Hexum’s forehead, and eye contact was almost possible. This man is divine. WH always gets a little edgy when we talk about it, although they don’t look much different; similar build, (though, as much as I love WH, he does not have the chiseled muscles that Nick sports.), and similar coloring. I had hoped to get closer to the stage, or at least up on Unexpected Bill’s shoulders for a few minutes, but neither was achievable, the first because we were packed in like sardines, the second because UB’s knees are about as reliable as satellite internet. They played some of our very favorites, and there were times that I had to stop dancing because the floor was moving under the weight of 900 people dancing like crazy. Or maybe that was the vodka. Who knows? Who cares?

What I care about is Day 4 reporting, and only a little, because I have to, and lunch, and a nap, in that order. Then I have to pack for New Orleans! We have nosebleed seats there, which we were initially really bummed about, but after last night, we are thinking: six hour 311 concert+real seats= not dying of exhaustion. Oh, and there’s an after party on Bourbon Street, so it should be about a 12 hour day by the time it’s said and done, and oh, we both have to work Thursday (WH actually has to work Wednesday night!), so we’re leaving the next day. At least our flight doesn’t leave until noon.

I think I’m going to go splash some cold water on my face and try to break this fog. It’s futile, but whatever.


2 Responses

  1. LOL – the last time I went to a concert I took a vacation day for the day after. I got home around 1:30 in the morning and there was no way I was going to work on 4 hours of sleep! Hope you’re feeling better today! TGIF

  2. I’m glad you had so much fun! Everyone deserves a wild night once in a while–but man, the morning after hurts more and more, doesn’t it?? Getting old sucks.

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