Another 311 song- 8:16am

This is probably what WH and I would have danced to at our wedding, had it not been unsuitable for slow dancing, which is the only kind WH does, and had I not gotten too drunk to dance in the first place (long story).

Stranger flowers yet
There will never come a day that will ever regret
The hours days years and the minutes
The joy the pain the sunshine and rain in it

When you’ve been with someone as long as I’ve been with WH, you count years and minutes because they begin to seem interchangeable. Minutes are just droplets in the ocean of us, but they stand out very clearly in your mind- I don’t remember the years, I remember the first time we kissed, the first time I told him I loved him, the first time he said it back, the exact moment he fell in love with me, and on and on.

The drives on the coast to nowhere
Nothing to say just sit and stare
There’s nothing like the comfort of a silence that’s comfortable
Not talking small just skip the bull

WH and I first realized that we had the capacity to make a marriage work when we drove from Dearborn, MI to Atlanta, GA together. It was three solid days of leisurely driving, which is enough to bond your forever or make you gouge each others eyes out. We cornered the market on comfortable silence pretty early on. One of the things that really struck me about WH when we first met was that it felt like I had known him all my life, as early as that first night.

Then I find myself in servility
Didn’t think that was my ability
I go a yard and a mile to make you smile
But then I’m happy see
I got so many ways to make your gaze elliptical
Got a ways to go future’s so
Cryptical and I’m glad
Just another many things we’ve had

This would be WH’s verse, as he is a selfish little monkey, and he constantly finds himself amazed at his capacity to put his own needs aside (for a few minutes, anyway) to meet mine.

It’s 8:16 A.M. will you wake up to me
The first thing that you see
My eyes open I’m just hopin’ you feel the same as me

Also WH’s lyrics, as he is way more of a “morning person” than I could ever be, if you get my drift…….

Stranger flowers still
If you’re gonna wanna go another day I will
Like this make it a deal
Sealed with a kiss
Sealed with a feel of impermanent bliss
Today my love we shall let the world slide
Turn off the ringer and just glide
For we shall never be younger again than
What do you see

That last line makes my breath catch in my chest. Time slips through your fingers, and I remember fondly when I never thought it was conceivable or possible to be 30 years old, and now it’s like a freight train headed right for me. At least at this point I’m smart enough to know that I will never be younger than I am right now, and I’m able to comprehend how significant that is, and try to capture it as best I can.

A place where we both can spend out saved time
Not collecting interest
Maybe the same reason we always find ourselves home bound
I’ve got to do some homework
The leave response we want to leave Wisconsin
For a new life a new trailer with an antenna and a porch
Of course we’ll bring the dog

We wanted so badly to leave Atlanta that we really might have moved to Wisconsin. Luckily, we landed here in Paradise and bought a cute little farmhouse and a dog. Who we take everywhere.


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  1. This post is great. So nice to see how you feel about him and how both of you make it work.

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