Data Requests and Germs

That’s what we have at the office this week. Namely, three huge data requests due before close of business tomorrow (remember, internet, the day I fly to Chicago?), on top of the sales tax I already needed to get done before I left…….

Also, germs. The Bobs were flu zombies last week, and we had to procure chicken soup, oyster crackers, and copious amounts of kleenex for them. Today B is out with a raging fever and a sore throat (she sounds about 105 years old, too, btw). I felt fine this morning, but I’m starting to get that flu fog, and that infected snot taste in the back of my mouth. My limbs are heavy.

Oh, please tell me I am not about to contract the crud before my little adventure in Sub Zero land. Oh, please.

I must leave you now, internet, to bury myself in Excel spreadsheets and Great Plains extractions and vitamin C. Lots and lots of vitamin C.

2 Responses

  1. Yikes you poor thing! If you are starting to feel the effects of the flu it’s not looking good for your trip. 😦 Can you reschedule? I sure hope you are not really getting the flu – that would suck.

    Try some zinc with your vitamin C but make sure you eat something with that or you will get nauseous.

  2. take that airborne stuff… if you like grapefruit, that flavor is actually pretty good.

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