Rainy Day

It rained all day today. All day long. The critters were distraught, begging to go out and hearing the pouring rain once they hit the porch. Most of the time they ran right back into the house, a few times they braved the rain for one reason or another.

I do love a good rain. It reminded me, again, how desperate I am for spring. For that throw-the-windows-open-and-scrub-down-the-walls spring weather. I want rebirth, regeneration; a reminder that though things may look dead and dry and brown, at any moment the Earth will spring to life in splashes of limey green, spreading like wildfire. I’m always hungry for spring- for wildflowers, for repotting houseplants, for dragging spring clothes out of their drawers and shelves. This year, though, with all of the recent and current difficulties makes that yearning nearly unbearable.

But, life and mother nature refuse to be rushed, and all I can do is wait.

WH is on a regular schedule now, so while today’s check was again, short, the next will be full, and the next, and the next. Also, there is some small reprieve coming, and things should be manageable, if tight, from next week on.

Until then, I have three days until I go to Chicago. I’ve packed my makeup, as I can count on not using it until I visit the corporate office on Thursday. I’ve repaired the internet connection on the desktop so that WH doesn’t shrivel up and die while my laptop and I are out of town.

Oh, and I lost a plant! My beloved coffee tree, at least five years old when I acquired it five years ago, got left in the office when we closed it off to save heat. All the leaves shriveled up and the branch tips are black. I’ve kept it in my bathroom, in hopes that it, much like the life I had just six months ago, will somehow spring back to life.

I’m almost ready to dump it out and move on, to take my losses and my licks, and move onward and upward.

Just not quite yet.


One Response

  1. Give the coffee tree a chance for its rebirth till spring. Don’t just dump it out, yet.
    Maybe its waiting for spring like you?

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