311 in Paradise! And Other News.

311 is coming to a super-small venue here in Paradise shortly before we travel to New Orleans for 311 Day! Unexpected Bill secured our tickets two hours after they went on sale. See, that’s the thing about Unexpected Bill; he’s irritating, but he has a heart of gold. It’s a real double-edged sword. I just cannot even express how incredible it will be to see 311 in my hometown, in a BAR. Not an arena, not a civic center, but a bar with a fire code capacity of 950. Incredible. I’m so entirely psyched. A coworker of mine gave me the scoop on tickets- even though we hadn’t been speaking for two or three months. There was a fight about some lost paperwork, and we both handled it in our typical fashions, mine by being snide and obnoxious, and him by being stubborn and squirrelly. He found out about the concert and went to call me and remembered that we weren’t speaking, and decided he’d had enough. So, we apologized to each other and made nice, and he told me, and I called WH and he didn’t answer, so I called UB, and he didn’t answer, but WH called me back and I told him and he blew up UB’s cell phone, and finally got him, and told him, and UB hung up on him, bought the tickets and called right back. Incredible. Just incredible.

In other news, WH has a job interview on Thursday. The position is substance abuse counselor at an inpatient/outpatient facility, but the schedule is day shifts. It goes without saying that WH really needs this job and that we need all the positive momentum we can get here. Please, internet, keep your fingers crossed for him.

New Dog got a bath last night and came up into the house. We’ve named her Bella. The cats are handling things well; they forget about her until they cross paths with her, then they just give her disgusted looks and walk off. Badass is not too sure he wants to share his Mama, his beds, his toys and his bones with Bella, and he’s clearly established that he will not share his food bowl with her. We are starting to think that she’s an old dog; she just lays around. She literally only gets up to go outside and to eat. She took the bath like a champ, and we’ve been putting her out with Badass when he asks to go out, and so far she’s not had any accidents. We’ve had to put her in her place a time or two; she has a little bit of a stubborn streak and some aggression issues. She takes it well, though, and accepts defeat rather quickly.

311 in Paradise! Woot! Job interview for WH that doesn’t involve a paper hat! Woot!


6 Responses

  1. I hope the job interview goes well!

    I’m glad Bella is fitting in with the family. Poor little baby. She’s so lucky to have found you guys.

  2. I just discovered that two different bands I REALLY want to see live will be here veeery soon. I’m TOO stoked! I may have to go alone, though, as most of my friends aren’t the type to listen to this sort of music.. not the local ones at least.

    I’m okay with it. I’ll just make new friends @ the concert. 😉


  3. I hope the interview goes well. I love when big bands come to small venues. You are going to have so much fun.

  4. I love the name bella… i’m glad she’s getting along with the kitties and badass 🙂

  5. Things are looking up! 🙂 Hoping WH’s interview goes well!

    Bella may just be laying around because she is still skeletal and needs to get her energy up. Or she may be an older dog (at least she won’t chew up your shoes then).

    Have fun at the concert – I haven’t even heard of 311 – gonna have to check them out on itunes now. 🙂

  6. Looking forward to hear good news on the job interview.

    Somehow, I think I already know how the review on the show is going to go down ROCK HARD!!

    Stopped by, also, to invite you to dinner. Yes, I’ve put together the blogosphere’s only progressive dinner carnival. It comes off 30 January. I hope you’ll pick five of your favorite posts and play along.

    Look forward to connect with you again soon. Keep in touch, eh.

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