Badass: On the Mend and On the Prowl

As you can see, Badass is feeling much better. He’s still not ready to go fishing, as he still has a few small cracks in his paws, but he’s back on his game…..

Badass is neutered, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun with the neighbor dog, who is a total hussy.

I told him that the whole internet was sending him well wishes, and he wanted to repay you for your kindness. I told him some good dog porn pictures would be the perfect thank you, and he was more than happy to deliver.


5 Responses

  1. I’m glad he’s feeling better!

    And that picture? Hi-larious.

  2. haha ❤ it.

  3. Oh my – bad doggie! Thankfully Xavier rarely sees girl doggies and has only done this once to my mom and dad’s beagle. Unfortunately for him, while in Ohio for Christmas we visited my BIL/SIL’s and they have a 6 month old male chow who was not yet fixed (he is now) and he thought Xavier was a girl so he was on the other end of this – and he was humiliated. Poor pooch.

  4. Love it. Great picture.

  5. lol omg!

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