Seven Random Things Meme

Maxie tagged me for a meme this morning, so here we go…………….

The rules are as follows:

A) Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

B) Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

C) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs

1. I spilled V8 all over my lap this afternoon and had to have an emergency pair of pants brought out to the office.

2. My toes are all double jointed, and sometimes they go into the odd joint and it gives me really bad toe cramps. I end up sitting on the floor without socks or shoes, crying and pulling on my toes no MATTER WHERE I AM.

3. I think my hips are too, and the same kind of thing happens when they get whacked out of place. WH and I figured this out, um, in the bedroom one night.

4. I have a ranch dressing problem. I eat it on pretzels, hashbrowns, and steak when my Dad cooks it (he burns everything).

5. In relation to #4, I actually like burnt stuff. I like char on my chicken and hot dogs and toast. WH burnt the hell out of some chili last week, and he asked me to taste it, as a joke, and I was fixing a bowl when he screeched “Babe! There’s hunks of black burnt meat in there!” I wondered what was so good about that batch!

6. When I drink, I get really flirty and handsy. You know that girl at the party whose all drunk and hot, as in “wow, it’s hot in here! I need to take some clothes off!” Yeah, that would be me.

7. Freshman PE in high school was running. The final was running a 20 minute mile. I made a C by the seat of my pants and when I hit the finish line, I collapsed on the track, puked and wet my pants. I don’t run.

Okay, I’m tagging: Nikki, Polly, ttcmb, Jen, and Pessimistic Redhead. I hate not tagging seven people, so if you would have responded, leave me a comment so that I can tag you next time. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. I <3 <3 <3 ranch dressing. Yum.

    I also like burnt stuff… especially my eggs. Not like black, but at least brown.

  2. You’re the only person who ever tags me…I really feel the love, you know? Okay–I’ll do it next week. Promise!

  3. LOL! I was coming over here to tag YOU. Consider it a wash.
    And that’s NOT a “problem” is it? I mean putting ranch dressing on everything. Shoot. No wonder everyone gives me weird looks in restaurants.
    Cramps in the bedroom suck donkey ass. Just sayin’.

  4. Had a similar problem once to your number one fact. One weekend I was in the office doing overtime and a bottle of coke exploded over me, typically it HAD to be the day I was wearing a white top. By some fluke, I DID have another top in the office with me . . . but it was a pale pink corset top which laced up the front! Looked a bit odd with my jeans and red trainers . . .

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