Thirteen Things I Want for Christmas

Just in case there really is a Santa Claus…………….

The Canon Rebel xti, in silver. With the 18-55mm lens. For mo’ better photos.

A Mont Blanc pen, because pen freak + pen that is like jewelry = want very much badly.

Last year I got the necklace……………..

and what good is a necklace without matching earrings?

Can you say…………..


Some cuttings won’t root, and some seeds won’t germinate without constant gentle heat….

…. and this thingy provides it. Cat proof storage not included.

I’ve collected these since state quarters began……

… so I have to have a 2007 set to keep the collection going.

Balancing hot dogs and marshmallows on your lap while trying to cook over an open fire- messy and dangerous.

This is an all weather side table, perfect for beside the fire pit.

It’s not a toaster, and it’s not an oven…………

It’s a toaster oven! Because cheese toast doesn’t do so well in a standard toaster.

Our tv died last week, so now we’re watching our old 23″ tv. I think I’m getting a wrinkle from all the squinting.

Santa, I hope you remember the wall mounts!

Room for more ice cream……

…. and ham.

It’s too late for a big ol’ Frasier Fir, but not for………

a little balsam fir, fresh from Maine.

Not really for me, more for Badass, and the couches of all of our relatives…….

…. a badass blanket for a Badass dog.

The last thing on my list is a real, grown up coat:

See how cute and professional she looks? That could be me.

So, of course, there is no Santa, and this year, no presents or tree for me. Here’s to showing, though, that the rampant materialism that pervades Christmas is still alive and well, against all odds. At least I have a head start on next year’s list!

Maybe you were expecting Christmas with WH to be on this list somewhere. I do wish I had him home, but I also like paying the mortgage. At this point, I’m willing to settle for having a roof over my head instead of a Christmas date. Besides, there will much ham and cheer on the 27th when he comes home, and this year, that just has to be good enough.


2 Responses

  1. I hope you get some of it. Especially the earrings.

  2. Alright Miss Mont Blanc Greta Garbo! So I stop in my village pen store to see that Greta Garbo pen, and nearly choke when I see the price! LOL $550 for the ballpoint! It’s twice the price of the Cartier one with charms that I’d love to have, except I’d SO lose it in about five minutes. It’s very pretty though. 🙂 I do hope you get at least some of the things on your list! I don’t understand what’s going on with the email situation? I’m not having trouble receiving them from anyone else, what do you suppose it is? I did get the one, did you get my answer?

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