Still Here

I’m hanging in there. Things are insane at work right now- I have a huge project to finish this weekend, and now the closing is behind, and we need that information asap. I am working nine hour days in the office, then putting in another two to four hours worth of work from the house.

School is winding up to wind down; I have finals this weekend and loose ends to tie up. This weekend. By next week, everything will be done, and the term will be over.

WH is resigned to going back into the field on the 17th. I’m considering going to visit some relatives for Christmas. It’s a nice chunk of gas money, but I have a four day weekend for Christmas, I haven’t been there in too long, and this is a part of my family that I absolutely treasure, so I’ve just not put the final nail in that coffin yet, but I’m probably northward bound for Christmas. Also, I think it would deter WH from leaving the field early again if he were coming home to an empty house, with no dog or wife.

As far as my previous post, in any part of my life, I just can’t think clearly when things are this chaotic. Also, you don’t make any decisions before you have all the information and the darkest days are behind you. So while there is a lot of desperation in me right now, all I can do is hang on and keep plowing on, until life slows down enough that everything isn’t a blur out the window at 70 miles per hour.


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  1. Hang in there. I hope things calm down soon.

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