Joy to the World

Oh, internet. WH and I had a long talk last night, and he is going back into the field if he can’t land a job before the 17th. (They’re on 10 day shifts through the holidays, so that’s when he would have been due to go back out if he stayed.)

We still don’t have much of a Christmas budget, but WH is going to decorate before he leaves. He isn’t telling me much about his plans, just that he’ll take care of it, and it won’t cost much.

School is winding down, and I got the class I really needed for next term.

Work? Still the fifth ring of hell.

I know I’ve already used up one false alarm this year, but it really is supposed to snow here tomorrow. If we get anything decent, I’ll post pictures.

Still looking forward to the day that I have the time and energy to post more than cryptic updates. 😉


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