WAHOO, internet! We are forecasted to get up to an inch of snow in Paradise tonight. The first snow of the season…. even if it will be a very light one.

I lived without snow or significant season change for ten years, and it blew. I love the snow. WH had never really seen a lot of snow before we moved to Paradise, and it was so much fun to take him out in it! He was like a little kid.

Snow is a pain in the ass, in the sense that I will probably have to park down on the main road tonight to make sure that I can get to work tomorrow, because our road is way too steep to try and get up and down if there’s any snow or ice accumulation. Also, snow is cold.

Whatever kind of accommodations I have to make for snow, I always welcome it, though. Too bad Badass is working further south with WH- they won’t get any snow at all. Badass loves to play in the snow and eat it.

There’s something magical about snow… snow days, snowmen, snowball fights, sledding, watching Christmas lights reflect off the snow, the white nights- when the moon is full and the moonlight reflects to make it bright as day- the crunch of it beneath your boots……..

Yay for snow!

If we get anything decent, I am so posting pics.


One Response

  1. Even if you only get a little, post pics please.
    I live on the CA. Coast. No snow here.

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