100th Post- 100 Things

In honor of my 100th post, I’ve done the whole 100 things about me thing. I have no idea what is up with the numbering job- it looks great in the preview but not in the post. Sorry ’bout that. Happy Friday!

  1. The year I was born, I played baby Jesus in the church’s Nativity play. My Dad was Joseph, and my mother was the Virgin Mary. The place didn’t burn down, either.
  2. I was born two weeks late, and have been running late ever since. Yes, I actually tell people this when they admonish me for being late.
  3. Because of my late birthday, I went to Pre-K for a year. Because I’m smart, I then skipped Kindergarten.
  4. My favorite sandwich when I was a kid was crunchy peanut butter, grape jelly and mayo. You could not pay me to eat that now.
  5. I applied to the CIA once. They called me to attend a recruiting session. My phone number was not on the application.
  6. My eyesight is bad. Really bad. I am nearsighted, and if this means anything to you, my prescription is -10.5 in my left eye, and -7.5 in my right. If that didn’t mean anything to you, this is what those numbers mean: legally blind without correction. I can’t read my speedometer without contacts or glasses.
  7. I have little to no balance or coordination. I was ten before I could ride my bike without training wheels.
  8. My taste in music is so questionable that my car has been broken into three or four times, and nary was a CD ever taken.
  9. I was “asked to leave” 5th grade chorus after a particularly troublesome performance of Silent Night. The teacher broke the piano yelling at me.
  10. I was excused from singing Happy Birthday to customers when I worked at IHOP.
  11. Because I married when I was twenty, when I am forty, I will have been married half my life.
  12. It’s okay, though, because I am the marrying kind.
  13. I almost failed 1st grade because I had so much trouble with addition and subtraction. I’m an accountant now.
  14. Coffee is one of my major vices. I started drinking coffee when I was about five or six years old, and now I average about half a pot on a normal day. Also, I drink it black until after 12pm. Always.
  15. I was born up North, moved down South at 12, and prefer Southern food and culture hands-down.
  16. I am a veracious reader. My first magazine subscription was Reader’s Digest, purchased for me by my Dad, who realized I was reading Mom’s Cosmos and Glamour, at eight years old.
  17. My weight fluctuates continually. I maxed out at 185 lbs in high school; my lowest weight was 108 in 2002. I hover right around none-of-your-beeswax (125 lbs.) currently.
  18. I hate to sweat. Working out sucks. I am slothful. See #17.
  19. Writing is my favorite thing to do, and probably my dream job. I am too chicken to submit anything to anyone, and scared to death that the pressure to perform would kill any talent I happen to have.
  20. WH and I lost our jobs after 9/11 and ended up living with my Mom and Dad for 1.5 years. Worst decision, EVER, will live under a bridge before EVER living with family EVER AGAIN. EVER.
  21. I have a tendency toward the frumpy- my friends give gentle advice, run interference, and sometimes, buy me socks.
  22. When I decide to clean up, I know what to do, and I do it really well. Well enough that I tend to drop jaws when folks who are used to Librarian verybadcat get Siren verybadcat instead.
  23. It’s nice to have the freedom to choose between career and family, these days, but I would pick barefoot and pregnant, hands down, every time.
  24. I’m scared for my friends to know that, because they are all about Grrl Power.
  25. Back in 1997-1998, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disorder and Panic Disorder. I used to take 40mg of Zoloft daily and .25mg of Xanax every four hours. Now I just eat a lot of Shredded Wheat and Triscuits, and try not to hyperventilate when the shit hits the fan.
  26. I’m still seeing a therapist for my debilitating bee phobia. It’s working.
  27. Only WH and a few friends know. Oh, and now the internet.
  28. I am incurably nosy. Incurably.
  29. I am also a horrible gossip. Even though I know better.
  30. Although I’m not much for well rounded meals, I bake a mean-ass pie. Also? Peanut butter cookies. Also? Chocolate rum mousse. Heavy on the rum.
  31. Until just a few years ago, I was enamored with France. The language, the culture, the food. I tried to go to France three times, and fate smacked me down all three times. Now? I still love French food, and might be fond of the French guy in the office (he smells good, and oh! the accent!), but no longer have a desire to go there. To France, I mean.
  32. Much to my dismay, I have never left the mainland of the United States, and have not been west of Arkansas since I was five.
  33. I am enough of a houseplant junky that I sometimes take cuttings off of people’s plants without asking. I steal cuttings. I am a thief.
  34. I have the patience of a three year old. Maybe.
  35. Every year, I freak out about my performance review, and every year I get both a decent review and a decent raise. Still doesn’t stop me from freaking out about being actively judged and a copy of such judgment filed into my personnel file.
  36. I have never been in a physical altercation with anyone I don’t share blood with.
  37. My father once attacked my husband, who proceeded to kick his ass.
  38. I love scary movies- I started watching Friday the 13th movies when I was eight or nine.
  39. I hate football. I hate the screaming at the TV. I hate the flipping to check scores. I hate the discussions. Hate. Football.
  40. When someone has something/someone I want, I turn into a ferocious green-eyed monster.
  41. I hate surprises. Don’t hate being surprised if I am totally surprised, but hate “I have a surprise for your birthday” two weeks beforehand. Torture.
  42. I hate magic. It’s like a dirty mean trick and an insult to my intelligence. Weird, I know.
  43. Alan Alda in MASH was my first crush.
  44. I own the MASH box set. I paid a pretty penny for it, as they aren’t sure when they will reprint it. It arrived in the middle of a snowstorm, and I tried to get the UPS guy to meet me on the side of the interstate to deliver it.
  45. In my friendships, I am incredibly loyal. In return, I can be a little demanding. Except that I don’t often have the nerve to ask for what I want/need, so I get my feelings hurt.
  46. When my feelings are hurt I withdraw so that I don’t have to admit that I have feelings and that I might allow you any power over them.
  47. My favorite colors: green and purple. All shades.
  48. My favorite flowers: roses and lilacs. In that order.
  49. My alcohol of choice: vodka. lots of it.
  50. My favorite food: tie between pig (of any kind) and dark chocolate.
  51. I’m 5’6.5”. I always wanted to be 5’9”. My little sister? 5’10.5”. Bitch.
  52. But my boobs are bigger.
  53. I got them early and that’s why my posture sucks. Also, they are heavy.
  54. I taught myself how to knit, but I remain noncommittal. I start stuff and just yank it off the needles when I get bored with it, and I only knit maybe half a dozen times a year.
  55. Painting, drawing, any spatial art whatsoever? Totally beyond me. Cannot draw straight line with ruler.
  56. I oscillate between extreme gratitude for my life and its blessings and frighteningly depressed and bitter.
  57. I’ve been that way as long as I can remember.
  58. When piggy guys whistle and make nasty comments about me? Like I am a piece of meat? It scares me a little, but I love it.
  59. I hate sweet potatoes.
  60. I have never, ever, puked from drinking.
  61. I have made questionable sexual decisions under the influence.
  62. WH was friends with my questionable sexual decision. It all happened before WH and I met.
  63. I don’t regret it, because QSD was very, very hot.
  64. I like being in charge, but I hate managing people.
  65. I don’t think I’m very good at it.
  66. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
  67. I have a lead foot.
  68. There would be my slight tendency towards hissy fits.
  69. I feel one coming on right now.
  70. Even my pets have blog names, you know, to protect their identities.
  71. Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to tell people exactly what I think of them.
  72. Mostly, I realize that it isn’t a good idea in the long run.
  73. That was a hard lesson to learn, and I learned it the hard way about half a dozen times.
  74. I care too much what people think of me.
  75. I don’t know how to stop it.
  76. My birthday is my sister’s due date, and her birthday was my due date.
  77. My Mom doesn’t know that I see her half brother and sister and her step mom.
  78. I wish I could tell my sister. She thinks they don’t love her.
  79. My SAT total score was 1060. If I had left one more math question blank, they wouldn’t have been able to score it. My math score wasn’t near 400.
  80. I was hung-over when I took the SAT. My PSAT scores were 1230.
  81. I told you that so that you would know I am smart.
  82. A lot of times I make bad decisions even though I know better.
  83. People think that I’m something of a doormat.
  84. I have this rage that I have to keep penned up so that I don’t choke the life out of people.
  85. The sweater thing, it’s kind of an addiction. When I find one I like, I buy it in at least two colors, preferably four.
  86. Pens bought as part of a set must stay with their set. If one pen is lost or dead, the whole set is trash. There’s a trash pen cup in the office for WH, lest he use a good pen or bust a set.
  87. I do the same thing in my office- I keep shitty work pens in a plastic cup on my cabinet, so that when folks ask for pen they get a crappy Bic stick.
  88. I pretty much don’t share well at all, with anyone. Even WH.
  89. People who answer their phone “YES?” make me crazy. It’s rude.
  90. I do it to people when they’ve pissed me off.
  91. Even after I’ve asked them not to do it to me.
  92. I have little to no baby toenail. When I have a pedicure, they laugh at it.
  93. My big toenail is always cutting holes in my socks.
  94. I prefer that my socks come up to my knees.
  95. The beach is my second favorite place in the world.
  96. I steal all the good shells from the little kids by getting ahead of them when the tide goes out.
  97. A lot of the time I feel unappreciated.
  98. And yet, am not so good at showing others my appreciation for them.
  99. I want to have a baby. Badly. Now.
  100. WH and I are currently negotiating such an event. He’s all like, okay, but we need to figure out what to do with it once it’s born. Cause you can’t crate train a baby.

4 Responses

  1. Hi there! I’ve been lurking on your blog for a couple weeks, and just wanted to say hi and that I think your blog is great!

    I too hate football with a passion. Unfortunately, after I got married, my husband turned into a fanatic. It’s not fair. I didn’t know what I was getting into. 😛

  2. Thanks for commenting! I appreciate it!

    At least your husband was able to convert you. I remain untouched, so I suffer on Saturdays. 🙂

  3. Happy 100th Post!!! Love you Cat!!!

  4. I loved reading your list, even if I don’t know you. 100 things lists are my favorite. I found you via Middle Age Mania’s blog.

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