Peeps Suck!!

What is it about authority and authority figures that makes people act like fucking 4 year olds?

My peeps are supposed to get my permission to make up lost time or work overtime. It’s company policy, meant so that peeps can’t set their own schedules, and so that managers can stem the kind of slack-assedness that comes from accruing and using time as one pleases. I have sent out emails, had private conversations, gently reminded, etc.

Yesterday, three out of four timesheets had unauthorized time on them. So I sent out the following email:

I have sent reminders before- if you miss time, and you want to give up lunches, come in early, or stay late to make up the time, you MUST get approval first. You cannot set your own schedules and make your own decisions regarding time. I don’t know if this guideline is just easy to forget or what, but I am beginning to feel taken advantage of, as I have mentioned this to everyone collectively and some individuals privately and it appears no one takes me seriously, because it continues to happen. Consider this the last warning- the next person that skips lunch, comes in early or stays late without written permission (email), is not getting paid for it.

Now they’re all snotty and weird. They’re upset because they can’t get away with whatever they want to do. Billing is trying to find every problem in the computer system for me to correct to make her job easier, Receivables is “helping me out” by stalling customers who want things that she should be doing, that are a part of her job, that she won’t learn how to do, that take me forever to get to because they are the least of my worries. Payables is all but asking permission to take a piss, lest she do something without my approval.

Snotty little bitches.

I resent my boss for having to be my boss sometimes. I resent his authority and control, and I wish that I could be left to make all of my own priorities and decisions. The difference is that I realize this, I realize that it is a childish reaction. I realize that he has the responsibility of owning a business, which is something I don’t and can’t understand. I get the fuck over it. I put my big girl panties on.

They, apparently, cannot do this.



2 Responses

  1. Well damn. Thst sucks. I thought I dealt with a bunch of idiots all day, but apparently, you have me beat.
    Smart asses.

  2. Wow, see I think the real problem is that your company is so rigid about it. Even long ago in my hourly days, there were certainly companies who had the “no overtime without approval” rule. That one is understandable, but otherwise, I think that when a company treats it’s employees like 5 year olds, they’re going to act like 5 year olds. My general habit back then was to put 8-5 (or whatever was the standard 8 hours), then usually actually work overtime, but I certainly would’ve rebelled at some seemingly pointless monitoring of my lunches or exact time. If there are reasons why X person has to be there at a certain time or phones covered during lunches or whatever, that’s another valid issue and you could approach it from that point of view so they don’t feel they’re just being told they can’t make adult decisions. But from what you’re saying, it seems like your company has put you in the position of having to be nanny for no real reason and that’s a shame.

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