Badass: Laid Off

So, WH called work yesterday, just to make sure that he was in a group that didn’t have a dog. They put him in a group with a dog! Badass will be here with me this week. He’s pouting hardcore, because he watched WH pack his backpack a couple of days ago, and he hates it when WH leaves anyway. I’m a little disappointed, as I planned on doing some things with friends after work, and Badass requires fetch and dinner in the evenings. I’m also incredibly relieved, though, because tomorrow is Halloween, and I don’t know that I could have watched scary movies without Badass to protect me from Jason and Michael Myers. Also, many nights I am able to sleep because I tell myself that Badass will alert me to intruders. I guess I could still tell myself that when he does go, but somehow it’s not as convincing.

Badass and I will enjoy another week alone together. I promised to take him to the dog park this weekend, and maybe on another color jaunt, if there is any left! The reds aren’t so hot this year out by us, and the oranges and yellows are about done. I might do a little driving, though, to see if I can find some decent color. What fun would it be without Badass barking at cows and horses out the windows?

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  1. I use my dog as protection from scary movies, too :). Although, it is kinda silly since my dog is often scared of his own shadow. Once I start getting scared he only freaks out more so then we wait with every light in the house on for my boyfriend to get home and reassure us that what is on TV is not real and we can go to sleep.

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