My Dog Has a Job

WH took Badass for his job interview yesterday- a very casual version of the AKC Good Citizen test- and he passed with flying colors. He is now welcome to go into the field with WH, as long as there isn’t a dog with more seniority in their group. I’m so very proud of Badass, and a little nervous about how much I’ll miss him when he and WH are gone for eight days at a time….. but he will love being out in the woods with WH, and WH will be a lot happier having him there, and I will still have my four cats to keep me company. These kids are going to love him, and he loves kids. Gratuitous pictures of my critters below:


3 Responses

  1. I just clicked in from 20somethings. I’m in love with your pets. I had two German Shepherds when I was younger, and I miss them terribly.

  2. Hey–mail me a kitty…I’ll pay shipping. Love the pics!

  3. Lisa- A lot of people say that! I never was much of a dog person before we got him. I love all critters, but was much more a fan of having cats. He changed all that, though- he’s an absolute riot. 🙂

    Nikki- How much does it cost to ship a 20 lbs. cat? You don’t want Scooter- he bites.

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