Paradise Painted


5 Responses

  1. Gorgeous! I want to be there! Our trees haven’t turned yet…very disappointing. Plus it was like 80 degrees again today. I’m so freakin’ ready for Fall!

  2. Great shots! Do these mountains look familiar? Hmmm.
    I am somewhat a photographer. We should get together for a photo outing! Fun!

  3. Oh FABULOUS!!!! I love these.
    They certainly capture the colors of Fall.

  4. Mandy- Nah, none of this is familiar at all! You’re on drugs. 😉 I’m flattered and honored- we should do a photo thing together. I have been drooling over digital SLRs, which I absolutely, positively cannot afford anytime in the near future…… I want one so badly, though, that it physically hurts just a little…

  5. OMG where do you live! That is my paradise:) We have the colors, but not the hills and mountains here. I miss mountains sooooo much. These are fantastic pictures.

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