The Heater Runneth Dry

WH had the heat on a morning or two while he was home last week. We went to turn it on Sunday morning, and all we got was this very cold knocking sound. It’s a kerosene and electric monitor heater, bolted to the floor of our living room. I kind of hate it- it’s in the way, it’s charged with the task of heating the whole house, which is impossible from a corner of the living room, and it’s ugly. Also, I have to have the fuel people come out and fill the tank. Which is why we had that knocking sound- no fuel.

Last year the kerosene company told me that the previous owners used about half a tank a year, or about $400 worth of fuel. They checked the level and said it was still half full, and I gave them $400 and they filled it up. We must have used a whole tank last year! Were these previous owners vampires? Did they used to keep their meat in the living room on hooks? How the hell did they make it on half a tank of fuel?

With cash flow issues on our part, and the skyrocketing cost of kerosene, I made an Executive Decision. For $40, I bought an electric oil-filled radiant heater. At 1500 watts, WH thinks it’s as powerful as the monitor, and so much cuter! It looks like the old style radiators, but it’s on WHEELS. For moving closer to me when I am cold. GENIUS. Also? They are the safest space heaters, because the heating element isn’t exposed.

I will be able to tell you this weekend how it works, because we are supposed to have some chilly nights in Paradise. Which should really set the color in. Which means I will take Badass hiking. Which means I will post some fall color photos. I think it’s going to be a great color year, too. We haven’t had a good one since 2000 or 2001, so we’re long overdue.


3 Responses

  1. Hope it works!!! And I can’t WAIT to see the pics.

  2. I hope it works too!

    And yes, bring on the fall photos.

  3. Fairly cozy so far- I’m curious if we’ll need another one when it’s super cold.

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