I should have known. I really didn’t think that I used any of the porn keywords in my breastfeeding post, but here you have it- two of our recent visitors came courtesy of yahoo, with the following search terms: obsene ladies photos, and, new sensations breasts #9. I guess stupid preverts get what they deserve- breastfeeding rants. Really, how hard is it to pull up some decent, free, internet porn? I can do it. WH can do it, and I’m pretty sure I could train Badass to do it, with a little work. (Badass, he likes human boobies, we had to have a chat about it. NOT ALLOWED.)

So what is wrong with these preverts? Obsene ladies photos? Are these the dirtiest words this guy knows? Also, when you pull up search results that say “Breasts Are Obscene”, does that sound like some rockin’ porno? The second prevert was obviously looking for something in particular, again, does my blog look like some super-dirty porno when it pops up in the search results?

I hope these guys improve their porno searching skills. You know, the least they could have done was commented.

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