And so it begins………………

WH had his phone interview this morning. He got the job. He has another interview with a similar company locally tomorrow morning. If we are lucky enough to have two offers to choose from, it will be a hard decision. The money is about the same, but every little bit makes a difference. The first program is more his style, but the second program doesn’t take minors, and that might be easier than working with young teenagers. The second program is built more on a 12 step process, and he was never fond of the 12 steps. That program is much closer to us. I can see this decision evolving into a flow chart ordeal.

I will start taking my Chantix tomorrow, so next Friday- August the 24th will be my quit day. I am nervous and excited at the same time. This weekend will be spent cleaning the house, and I mean the kind of wash-everything-febreeze-everywhere-wipe-the-walls-down cleaning that quitting smoking requires.

This post is being interrupted by WH, who has lost his checkcard and is now at the vet with an old checkbook from an old account that was closed several months ago. Because, you know, this is how I wanted to spend my lunch break today.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Good luck to WH and to both of you on quitting.

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