Sharp Dressed Man

One of my many responsibilities as the head of the accounting department is meeting with our 401(k) broker every year for the annual review. I usually deal with one of the CSR’s- a very nice, gentle woman who puts up with all of my nonsense. She is always there for the review. Her manager comes too.

I am not normally this type of girl, but the man puts stars in my eyes. When he is speaking, it takes all of my conscious effort not to drool on the conference room table.

WH is a pretty hot guy. He has that whole rugged outdoorsman, devil-may-care look and attitude which I find delectable. I would not trade him for the whole entire world. He does appreciate and comment, though, on the annual “bikini hatch” that occurs on the river in the spring…… so I count this as my “bikini hatch”.

His build is very similar to WH’s- thin, almost skinny- a delicious, irresistible combination of bone, skin and sinew. Tall. Dark hair. Beautiful, slate-gray eyes. He wears these incredible reading glasses. And beautiful designer suits. And cologne that makes my knees weak. He is eleven years my senior, and has just a touch of that salt and pepper gray that leaves me thinking of what he might be able to teach me…………

Because client retention is one of his biggest responsibilities, he is extremely charming and uses my name a lot. The way it rolls off of his tongue is like liquid sex to me. Plus, these meetings always concern my favorite subject- money- and this means that this man, this incredibly attractive man with the reading glasses that drive me mad is speaking my own personal language of love. When he says “asset allocation”, “fiduciary”, and “diversification of the participant portfolio, I just want to crawl across that conference table, gently grasp his silk tie, pull him towards me and kiss his beautiful lips…..

But that isn’t the way it should happen. He, so powerful a man, would not appreciate the animal-istic way I would attack him. No, all the better if that admin would have an emergency, and have to leave, and we could go through his “administrative fee disclosure proposal” side by side, so as to see better, and he would look at me over the top of those awesome reading glasses and tell me that he just can’t take it anymore, and take me right there on the table.

Maybe I could get him to say “deferral allowance percentages” or “unique marketing conditions”.

I better stop now, as I have to wear these pants out of the office……… *fanning self*…

I think I will propose that we have quarterly reviews from now on.

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3 Responses

  1. I just clicked over here from Dean Dads, so I dont know any backstory. This will not stop me from making a tasteless joke:

    Time to upgrade to a plug-in model.

  2. whoa! I’m really taken back as you have officially proven yourself to be a “verybadcat” indeed! Listen to you …you really have the hotter than hots for this gentleman. He sounds very handsome the way you describe him. Shoot, you have me wondering if I want him too! lol!
    Nothing wrong with a lustful fantasy every now and then. After all, your WH will be the one to benefit from all this anyway. 😉

  3. […] Hmm. Let’s see. This guy? Speaks my language. Has the cutest. dog. ever. Posted my Friday Fight suggestion, allows me to stalk him all over the […]

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