Pressure Cooker

I’m under quite a bit of pressure right now. I refer to times like these as “The Apex of Destruction”. It’s that point where everything you’re involved in is about to explode into 57 small fires that will combine into one huge bonfire and burn you to a crisp.

We (and by that I mean me), are closing the fiscal year at work. This is the one month that being a beancounter fucking sucks ass. It’s not so bad if you can surround yourself with people who are as neurotic and high-strung as you are. I thank God for the three I have. The other three, however, will be the death of me. Assuredly. What is so difficult about justifying the ending balance on an account you work with day in and day out? How can you do your job and not understand what I mean when I say “take all of your receiving that isn’t matched up and run a tape, then check against this number and give it all to me”? Every day my boss says “Have you finished yet? Oh, yeah, good morning to you too”.

There is one month left in the school term. I have a huge research paper cooking in my English class, which I am actually excited about. I got all of my Charlotte Perkins Gilman books on Sunday when we got back and have been reading ravenously since. The problem would be that I have a lot of work to do in my US History class before everything is due- May 5th, and a Women in History class that I’ve not been reading for.

Those blessed fucking monkeys have wrecked the house again. There isn’t a room they haven’t touched.

I’m switching banks. This means deposits and deductions from two accounts, configuring my many, many accounts for online bill pay, and nagging WH about changing his direct deposit. That’s before something goes wrong, which is inevitable.

My matron of honor duties are heating up- a dear friend of mine is getting married this fall.

WH has a new project, which means I have more chores and have to hear about his plans till my ears bleed.

My new screen porch is sitting empty- devoid of plants and furniture.

This will all be over with by mid-May. Will I tear my hair out before then? Stay tuned.

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  1. Hey! I love your writing style. You’re hillarious!

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